Why Trivia Magic?

"Our Trivia Nights do not depend on a jackpot for their audience appeal but rather entertain everyone in the audience."

How it Works

Questions range from cartoons and comics to philosophy, literature sport and movies; they have a comedy content that will keep your patrons laughing, eating and drinking, and more importantly, come back, week after week.

Trivia Nights normally run for two and a half hours, starting at a time that is convenient to the venue and the patrons. This time is generally 7.30 or 8.00pm.

The evening is split into three rounds and is designed to ensure that no team or individual feels out of their depth, or thay that they cannot win.

During the break, bonus point sheets are given to the patrons. These are usually of a visual nature and give the patrons the chance to order drinks while they work on their bonus points.

The strategy round is a jeopardy type situation, where the teams can bet their points to improve their standing.
A wrong answer however, results in a loss of points. The object of this final question is to keep all the teams interested and it means that a team running last can still win.

Trivia Magic evenings do not culminate with an increasing jackpot. Our experience has been that the addition of a jackpot attracts patrons who spend little, focus totally on winning the jackpot, and generally detract from the average patrons' enjoyment of the evening.

We have found that our type of evening; the funny, inane and not at all serious, ensures that patrons will continue to attend on a regular basis.

Some of our venues, which were previously poorly patronized, now attract, dependent on the size of the venue, anything between 50 and 100 patrons.

We recommend that the main prizes are vouchers that can only be redeemed at the venue.
This has a double benefit to the venue:

  • The first is that a voucher redeemable for product is less expensive than a cash prize to the venue.
  • The second, being that for the prize to be redeemed the patrons will attend the venue on at least one other occasion, when they will probably spend more than the amount on the voucher.

We also recommend that the spot prizes are free drinks. This also creates a double benefit for the venue:

  • The first being that the actual cost is only the cost price of the selected product, for example, "a jug of beer", or "four free schooners"
  • The second is that frequently the patrons will want to top up the prize, with cash, from the cost of a jug to a full round of drinks.

What does a Trivia Magic evening cost?

We believe that Trivia Magic offers a very competitively priced evening for most venues, with the emphasis being on a long-term business relationship.

A Trivia Magic evening includes:

  • The provision of a professional host with a proven record in the entertainment industry
  • A quality PA system suitable for the venue
  • Quality quizzes that offer something for everyone
  • A guarantee that if we are not satisfied that the venue will not work long term that we will recommend termination of the agreement.

This package, and the ongoing business, will be negotiated directly between Trivia Magic and the venue, with the emphasis being on the provision of a superior product at a competitive price. The only costs not covered by Trivia Magic are the cost of prizes and any advertising costs the venue feels are necessary to promote the evening.

Let us show you how we can make a major difference to your venue and give us a call on 0414 273 665 or Click Here to send us an email.