Trivia Sydney Testimonials


What the Industry is Saying

Even vibrant hotels like the Rose of Australia have dead spots and Trivia Magic has turned a dead spot into a busy area without detracting from my existing business and therefore assists us in maximising the return per square metre.

Scott Leach The Rose of Australia, Erskineville

Over the last ten years plus, Trivia Magic has proved to be the most cost effective promotion that this hotel has run. In that time we have saved thousands of dollars by not offering an unnecessary jackpot.

The Marlborough Hotel, Newtown

I had reservations about switching to Trivia Magic but not only did I save money by not giving away a cash jackpot, their unique product and great presenters almost doubled my crowds.

Charlie Fenton Lansdowne Hotel, Broadway

No jackpot equals no crowds, Trivia Magic disproves this assertion every week and has done so over the long term.

Scott Young Churchill's Sports Bar, Kingsford