Bingo Nights for Functions - Sydney


Why a Bingo Night with Trivia Magic?

"A lively, unconventional Bingo night is a great addition to any Venue, Event or Fundraiser."

What Is It?

Bingo, but not as your grandmother knew it. Bingo with 'real balls', music and laughter.

Hosted by a live professional with a proven record in the entertainment industry, so your patrons can enjoy the atmosphere, the beer and the banter.

'Trivia Magic' Bingo Nights create a great atmosphere for a variety of events including:

  • Community Fundraisers
  • Social Clubs
  • Regular Pub Nights
  • School Events
  • and Many More...

Quiz Bingo

Discover 'QUIZ BINGO', A new concept that combines trivia and bingo with an element of chance. Fast paced and entertaining, it is more suited to the youth market.

Poster, promotional material, all provided at no cost to you.

Contact Us to find out how Bingo or Quiz Bingo can make a difference to your Venue or Event.