About Trivia Magic Sydney


about us

I’m John Barrand, and I’d like to show you how Reta and I can make a difference to your venue!

Our experience, and our reviews, demonstrates that your patrons will enjoy Trivia Magic® evenings so much that they will, not just be raving about their night out but will continue to attend on a regular basis.

Some of our venues, which were previously poorly patronized, now attract, dependent on the size of the venue, anything between 40 and 100 patrons.

You might be wondering what makes Trivia Magic® nights so special for your patrons. Let me tell you…

Experienced entertainers present Trivia Magic® Nights to your patrons, this means that our entertainers are skilled in live performance and therefore, are able to ensure that the night is an enjoyable, fun evening for all your patrons, not only the winning team.

Our Trivia Nights do not depend on a jackpot for their audience appeal but rather entertain everyone in the audience.
Our experience has demonstrated that the addition of a jackpot attracts patrons who spend little, focus totally on winning the jackpot, and generally detract from the average patrons’ enjoyment of the evening.

Trivia Magic® prides itself on variety.

Trivia Magic® offers you a number of entertainment options for your quiet nights.

With a Trivia Magic® event at your venue you can choose between: